How to verify a Facebook account for free

Facebook account verification is a process that allows you to distinguish your account from other accounts that may be fake or misleading. Verified accounts receive a blue checkmark next to the account name, which helps users identify official accounts.

Facebook account verification

Facebook account verification

 Verifying a Facebook account has many advantages and benefits, such as:

 Increase the credibility of your account

 Protect your account from hacking

 Access Facebook features for verified accounts

 Steps to access your Facebook account authentication

 If you want to verify your Facebook account, you can follow these steps:

 1. Log in to your Facebook account.

 2. Access to help and support.

 3. Click Help Center.

 4. Click on Account Settings.

 5. Click on the search bar and then type in the blue checkmark.

 6. Click on Search, and you will see more than one option, Verify Blue Badge, Verify Badge, and Verify.

 7. Click on the blue badge verification, or click on any verification, both of which will lead to one page.

 8. Click on the first option, which is to request a female investigator on Facebook.

 9. The Get Verification Badge on Facebook page appears, scroll down and tap me. You can fill out this form.

 The information that Facebook requests from you to provide the document

 Facebook may ask you to provide certain information, such as:

 A copy of your identity card

 Link to your website

 Link to your Facebook page on another website.

 How to verify a Facebook account with a blue tick

 Select a profile or public page.

 Enter the link to the page or personal account.

 Choose the document type, i.e. ID verification type, as it appears, Driver's License, Passport, ID Card, Tax File, Recent Utility Bill, or Company Articles of Association.

 Upload the document of your choice, i.e. a copy of the proof.

 Choose the category, choose what to post on your page, as it appears in front of you, news, sports, art, fashion, blogger, etc.

 Select the country, select your country.

 Write a letter explaining the reason for the documentation.

 The rest of the notes are optional, if you want to write them or not, it's up to you, then press submit form.

 After you provide the required information, Facebook will review your application, and if your application is approved, you will get a blue checkmark next to your account name.


 It may take some time for your application to be reviewed.

 Your application may not be accepted, if you do not meet the conditions and requirements set by Facebook .

 Benefits of Facebook Verification

 Verifying a Facebook account has many benefits, including:

 Increase your account credibility: The blue checkmark next to your account name gives users more credibility, which can lead to more followers and engagement with your content.

 Protect your account from being hacked: Verified accounts are harder to hack because Facebook provides additional protection for these accounts.

 Access to Facebook features for verified accounts: Facebook provides certain features specific to verified accounts, such as the ability to reach more followers and the ability to create Facebook ads.

 If you want to take advantage of these benefits, you can follow the above steps to verify your Facebook account.

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