Block anonymous people in WhatsApp

New privacy features: Silencing anonymous callers and reviewing privacy settings

 Protect the privacy of your WhatsApp messages

  Protecting the privacy of your messages remains the driving force behind the features introduced by WhatsApp.

  While end-to-end encryption is key to keeping your calls and messages secure, we continue to add more layers of privacy to that organization, including a recently launched Chat Lock to password protect sensitive conversations, self-disappearing messages that auto-wipe, blocking screenshots of one-time messages, and the ability to control whether your activity status is visible to others.

  How to silence unknown callers

 Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and then click on the Settings option.  Click on the Privacy option.  Click on the (Calls) option.  Enable the Silence Unknown Callers option by clicking on the toggle next to it.
 To implement these settings, all you have to be on the latest version of WhatsApp, and implement the settings as shown in the image above the article.

   Silence Unknown Callers is designed to give you more privacy and control over your incoming calls.

  This feature helps you block spam calls, fake calls and calls from unknown people to increase your level of security.

  These calls won't ring your phone, but will appear in your call list, so you can take action if the call is from someone important to you.

  Check your privacy settings

  This feature provides step-by-step guidance through important privacy settings to help you choose the level of protection that's right for you, all in one place.  When you select "Start testing" in your privacy settings, you will navigate through multiple privacy layers that enhance the security of your messages, calls, and personal information.

   Now you can securely communicate with friends and family via private messages so your friends and loved ones know they have a space to communicate securely.

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