Episode 113 of the series founder Othman

Watch episode 113 of the series The Founder Othman 

Watch episode 113 of the founder series Othman, complete and translated into Arabic

 Highlights of the previous episode

 Osman saved Bala and Sheikh Adibali from the gallows after Asmahan decided to hang them.

 Osman, Bala, and the soldiers were imprisoned by a decision of Alaeddin Ibn Asmahan, and they were presented to the court, but Asmahan spent with Ololf and Kanatazkos kidnapping Osman from prison and killing him and Bala after he knew the location of the trust.

 But the opposite happened, and Uthman beheaded Kanatazukos, and sent his head to Ismahan to anger her and those with her.

 Al-Shishik brought Aktimur and the soldiers out of prison.

 Rescue of Sultan Mesut, with Sheikh Adibali's plan for Turgut and Osman's sons Ala Marhaba and Orhan.

 Malhun and her children return from Yenişehir to Alkayi, their first residence.

إنقاذ السلطان مسعود، بخطة الشيخ أديبالي ل تورغوت وأبناء عثمان علاء مرحبا وأورهان.

رجوع مالهون وأبنائها من يني شهير الي ألكايي، مقرهم الأول.

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