Al Ahli vs. Eastern Company

Today, Wednesday, 15-6-2022, the Al-Ahly and Eastern Company match will be held in a postponed match in the Egyptian League from week 14

 Al-Ahly _ Eastern Company

 Mubasher Al-Ahly and Eastern Company in the Egyptian League

 One match will be held today in the Egyptian League, which is the postponed match between Al-Ahly and Eastern Company from week 14. The match will be held at We Al-Salam Stadium. The match will be broadcast at nine o’clock in the evening. The match is suspended by Mohamed Al-Kawalini, the match referee is Ibrahim Nour El-Din. The channel that transmits the match is:  On time sport HD.

 Al-Ahly and Eastern Company direct

 Al-Ahly seeks to win the match and seeks to top the league and get the championship after it missed it the previous season and lost the African Champions League.  And he reduces the difference between him and Zamalek, as Al-Ahly enters this match while he is in third place with 37 points from 16 matches, 7 points behind the leaders Zamalek, knowing that Al-Ahly has four games postponed, including this match, while Eastern Company comes in 18th and last place with 13 points.  of 20 matches.

 Mubasher Al-Ahly and Eastern Company

 Al-Ahly’s list led by Sami Kommas comes as follows in

 Goalkeepers: Mustafa Schubert - Hamza Alaa - Mustafa Makhlouf

 Defense: Mahmoud Metwally - Rami Rabia - Badr Banoon - Ahmed Abdel Nabi

 - Mahmoud Waheed - Karim Fouad - Mohamed Hani

 Midfield: Aliou Diang - Mohamed Mahmoud - Ahmed Nabil Koca -

 Ahmed Abdel Qader - Mohamed Fakhry - Mohamed Ashraf - Ziyad Tariq

 - Taher Muhammad - Hussein Al-Shahat - Walid Suleiman.

 Attack: Salah Mohsen - Hossam Hassan - Mohamed Sherif.

 Al-Ahly and Eastern Company direct

 Next matches for Al-Ahly After this match, Al-Ahly will face a difficult match, which is the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the Egyptian League next Sunday, corresponding to 19-6-2022, the match will be broadcast at eight in the evening, and he will face Ghazl El-Mahalla next Wednesday, corresponding to 22-6-2022 at nine thirty in the evening in the league  Al-Masry, and in the Egypt Cup, Al-Ahly faces a difficult and strong derby match between it and Pyramids in the 8th round

 On Sunday, 6/26/2022, the match will be broadcast at nine thirty in the evening.

 Eastern Company and Al-Ahly live

 The next game for the Eastern Company after the Al-Ahly match, the Eastern Company will face the Pyramids team on Wednesday, 22-6-2022 at exactly seven o’clock in the evening, and the El-Gouna team will face on Monday, 27-6-2022 at seven o’clock in the evening.

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