Number of local and continental championships for Liverpool and Real Madrid

 Find out all the number of Real Madrid and Liverpool tournaments before the Champions League final scheduled for next Saturday, May 28, 2022

 Real Madrid and Liverpool Championships

 Find out how many trophies Real Madrid won before the Champions League final

 Real Madrid is the most successful Spanish team throughout history, with a total of 94 championships (68 local championships, which are the 35 Spanish League, 19 King’s Cups, 12 Super Cups, 1 League Cup, the Eva Duarte Cup, 19 continental championships, and they are 13 European Champions Leagues). 2 European Cups, 4 European Super Cups, 7 World Championships, 4 in the Club World Cup and 3 in the Intercontinental Cup.

 This is also the 17th final in the European Champions Cup for Real Madrid.

 Real Madrid will play the 17th European Cup final in its history, and its balance is 13 titles in 16 final matches. That is, he achieved a winning rate of 80 percent. It is the club that has played the most number of finals and which has also won the most number of titles.

 It was also mentioned in the previous paragraph that Real Madrid won 94 local, continental and international championships. The championships and the number achieved by Real Madrid were mentioned, and now we move on to the number of Liverpool Club championships.

 The number of Liverpool trophies before the 2022 Champions League final

 Also, Liverpool club has won 65 championships throughout history since its inception, and they are 51 local championships, and they are

 19 Premier League, 15 FA Shield, 8 FA Cup, 9 League Cup, 13 continental championships, 6 Champions League, 4 European Super Cup, 3 UEFA Cup, and one global tournament, the Club World Cup.

 Domestically, Liverpool is the second most English club to win the league title with 19 trophies, behind Manchester United by one tournament, who won the league title 20 times.

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