Schedule of today's matches

 Schedule of matches today, Monday, October 25, 2021 in the Spanish League, the Egyptian League, the Portuguese, Turkish and American Leagues, the Qatar Stars League and the Iraqi Premier League


 Spanish league matches schedule

 One match will be played in the Spanish League in the tenth week, and this match will be between the two teams

 Getafe vs Celta Vigo at nine in the evening

 Egyptian league matches schedule

 The first matches of the Egyptian League start today, Monday, October 25, 2021, with three matches, and they are the first week of the Egyptian League

 Al-Ahly Bank faces the Vanguards of the Army at three in the afternoon

 Smouha meets the Alexandrian Federation at half past five in the evening

 For the first time in the Egyptian Premier League, the Future team faces Farco at eight in the evening

 american league table

 Orlando City vs New England Revolution 1:30 am Egypt time

 Portuguese league schedule

 These matches will take place in the ninth week of the Portuguese League

 Boavista meets Belenses at 10:15 pm

 Gil Vicente faces Spotting Braga at eight in the evening

 Qatar Stars League schedule 🇶🇦

 These matches will take place in the seventh week of the Qatar Stars League 🇶🇦

 Qatar Club will face Al-Wakra at 7:15 pm, Egypt time

 Al-Ahly meets Al-Arabi at 4:30 pm, Egypt time

 Al-Shamal faces Al-Duhail at 4:30 p.m. Egypt time

 Iraqi Premier League matches schedule

 These matches will be held in the sixth week of the Iraqi League

 Al-Zawraa faces electricity at half past six in the evening, Egypt time

 Al-Wasat Oil faces its secretariat, Baghdad, at quarter past four in the afternoon, Egypt time

 Al-Karkh meets the second industry at noon, Egypt time

 Oil meets the police at 2:00 pm Egypt time

 Nowruz faces Al-Qasim at 2:00 pm, Egypt time

 Turkish league matches schedule

 This match will take place in the tenth week of the Turkish League

 Besiktas faces Galatasaray at seven in the evening

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